ProMedica Toledo Hospital is conducting a research study to study bleeding in the brain, also called intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH). Most of this bleeding occurs within a few hours of onset of symptoms. The brain injury from ICH is usually very severe, and there is currently no treatment for ICH that is proven to improve outcome. The FASTEST research study is being done to determine if a protein (rFVIIa) that our body makes to stop bleeding at the site of injury to a blood vessel, can slow bleeding in the brain and improve outcome. Participants in the FASTEST research study are placed at random, that is by chance, into one of 2 groups. They have an equal chance of getting rFVIIa or placebo (no active ingredient). Some patients will be enrolled without consent if a family member or representative is not rapidly available. Before the research study starts, we will consult with the community. We welcome your feedback and questions.  For more information, or to decline participation in this research study, please visit  or contact our study staff below.


Primary Investigator: Dr. Mouhammad Jumaa