Ohio State Form F110–330





East Campus Education Center Art Spaces Renovation

Project No. C20222099

East Campus

4250 Richmond Road

Highland Heights, Ohio 44122


This Project consists of modifications & upgrade of the current Tri-C EEC (East Education Center) building Art spaces, consisting of Print Making, Ceramics & Sculpture Studios, classrooms and office spaces which support art and the humanities. The intent is to maintain aesthetic continuity with the recent phase 1 interior renovation and shift from the traditional classroom style to more spaces that will better accommodate and display the creative process.  The new spaces will strive to maintain existing proximity and relationships while providing better pathways for interaction and collaboration.  These spaces comprise a total of approximately 27,000 square feet. Building renovation will include interior demolition and new construction.  CMR delivery method will be used to execute this project.


Scope of work for the EEC Art Space Renovation includes:


A preliminary investigation including initial Feasibility Study and Steering Team review has already been completed for this project.  The successful firm shall create Construction Drawings and Specifications required to perform the renovation as described above. All associated site work and utility work, including but not limited to, HVAC, Plumbing, Fire Suppression, Electrical, Security & Technology shall be included in the Construction Drawings and Specifications.  All spaces adjacent to the renovation will be operational during the construction requiring some swing space coordination.  The phases of work shall include (1) Review of Existing Site and Building Conditions; (2) User Group Meetings; (3) Shortened Program Verification; (4) Schematic Design; (5) Design Development; (6) Construction Documents; (7) Bidding; (8) Construction Administration Services and (9) Project Close-out Services.  The successful Proposer for these services will be required to create the cost estimates and schedules at Schematics, Design Development and 100% Construction Document phases with a construction build firm.


The Drawings, Specifications and Building Systems will be developed to comply with the College’s published Design Standards.  Work will be in accordance with all applicable local, state and federal statutes and regulations.




Project Management; Architecture & Interior Design, including full FF&E services and interior and exterior signage; Civil Engineering; Structural Engineering; Electrical Engineering; Technology Engineering; Security Engineering (surveillance, electronic access control and Fire systems); Mechanical & Plumbing Engineering and Landscape Architecture.  Below is the tentative schedule:



PROGRAMMING VERIFICATION START DATE:                                  February 2023

BUILDING DESIGN START DATE:                                                           March 2023

BUILDING DESIGN COMPLETION DATE:                                 August 2023

CONSTRUCTION NOTICE TO PROCEED:                                              Dec. 2023/January 2024

CONSTRUCTION COMPLETION:                                                 July 2024

PROFESSIONAL SERVICES COMPLETED:                                 August 2024






Qualifications submittals will be reviewed and ranked by a Committee established by the College.  Selection criteria will include:  Team’s location; size of associate firm and consultants;

qualifications of the associate firm and consultants; qualifications of the staff performing the work; availability of associate firm and consultants based upon current volume of active projects (not just State work); MBE/FBE/SBE/DBE participation on team; technical approach tailored to the Project; Committee’s past experience with the firms or individual team members; Team’s current amount of contracted work with Tri-C and others.  Proposed Consultant shall be accessible via electronic communications.  Please list any of this information in Section H if it is not made clear on the F110-330 form.  Information in addition to the F110-330 form may be provided.


Additional Requirements for Proposal Submittal:


  1. Each submittal shall include an organizational chart that describes the relationships and responsibilities of each key team member listed in the proposal.
  2. All projects whether scheduled for LEED certification or not will be designed using sustainable, high performance design principles as a standard of practice.
  3. All projects are to be engineered to meet the requirements of Ohio House Bill 251, the Advanced Energy Law.
  4. As part of Tri-C’s efforts to become more sustainable, we are requiring that all submittals be recyclable or reusable.
    1. Submittals shall be binder clipped, GBC bound or similar. No spiral binding or 3-ring binders.
    2. The use of 100% recycled content paper for all proposals is encouraged.
  5. This project will be administered using a modified version of the State of Ohio Standard Requirements for Public Facility Construction.
  6. Tri-C, being a State of Ohio institution, will require permitting thru the State.


Please forward 6 hard copies and 1 consolidated PDF on a USB drive of the entire statement of qualifications including the F110-330 forms to:  Judi Cooper, Cuyahoga Community College, 700 Carnegie Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44115, Attention:  EEC Art Spaces Renovation RFQ, Project No. C20222099.


Deadline for acceptance of forms will be 2:00 PM, Monday, October 10, 2022.  For additional information, please contact Matthew O’Donnell, Director, Capital & Construction, (216) 987-0572 (