Op Ed by José Luna

Last Tuesday here in Ohio the primary party elections played out despite lots of debates by the Ohio Supreme Court’s concerning gerrymandering by the conservative Ohio General Assembly. The stage is now set for the 2022 Mid-Term elections to proceed.

Usually Mid-term elections have a low turnout. Yet this Mid-term election is not the run of the mill. In the past year the conservatives have made statements that should be alarming to working and retired Ohioans. Many statements are put out there loud and clear but not these two things. These two things could shift voters to the other party.

What are these two things? Conservatives have been calling to end to MEDICARE and SOCIAL SECURITY. Right when people are older making less money and face health insurance gaps, social security and Medicare would be gone.

Social Security was a product of FDR’s New Deal safety net. For decades, social security has keep millions of Americans above the poverty line. But since the Reagan revolution in the 1980’s, social security has become taxable as well as cuts in the amounts the retired actually receive.

Estimates suggest as high as 17-million elderly will plunge below the poverty line if social security is done away with. Are you one of these elderly or maybe your parents?

I’m not telling you who or what party to vote for but to be aware of your party’s agenda. The outcome of this election could tip the scales on many issues among these two vital topics. Be sure to vote and who and what you’re voting for.