About Us

About Us

What is LaPrensa?

La Prensa is an innovative weekly newspaper serving the Latino/Hispanic communities in Ohio and Michigan. We have more than 75,000 weekly readers (includes Lazo Cultural Supplement and the weekly Internet visiting readers), a number that grows every day.  It is the oldest Midwest regional Latino newspaper.

La Prensa strives to be second to none.

We give our readers objective coverage of hard news from their community about education, people, politics and events. We adhere to the ethics of the Society of Professional Journalists. We offer in-depth articles on literature, art, culture, poetry, dance, travel and Latino Music. La Prensa is nationally known for its Tejano music coverage and sponsorship. Tejano music is a combination of Texan and Spanish music with strong influences from polka, country, rock and jazz and is popular throughout the region.

La Prensa is active in the community. La Prensa not only acts as a watchdog, but sponsors cultural and musical events such as Latino Scholarship Day with the Muds Hens and has sponsored past events such as the Midwest Tejano Music Awards and festivals.

Academic scholarships: Each year La Prensa awards a deserving LASSO senior member at St. Francis de Sales High School the sum of $500 for university/college attendance.

La Prensa serves as a clearinghouse for minority contractors. Contractors from across Ohio and Michigan read La Prensa weekly to enhance their business.

La Prensa offers a unique opportunity for advertisers to reach one of the fastest growing minority populations—Latinos.

Where does one find La Prensa?

La Prensa is distributed to Latino dining and entertainment establishments, retail and specialty stores, hotels, museums, libraries, universities, and other educational facilities. La Prensa is also available by subscription. La Prensa yearly subscription costs $125.00.

Distribution points are monitored to insure that no distribution copies are wasted. La Prensa experiences a 95% pick up rate. Adjustment of distribution insures the high visibility of our publication. Returned copies are redistributed at Hispanic/Latino social events, malls, and universities as free reading material.


Call (419) 870-6565 or (216) 688-9045 for more information.

Email sales@laprensanewspaper.com