Kim Carter

Columbus, August 30, 2022: Kim Carter is a 35-year veteran, working in the Youth Transition Services (YTS) department at Franklin County Children Services, where she helps young people prepare for life after their involvement with the agency ends. As she nears retirement, Carter is reflecting on the relationships she’s built and the services the agency offers to youth.

Carter spends much of her time responding to calls and emails from youth—some of whom are currently on her caseload, others who are former agency youth who want to share their successes or just let her know they’re OK.

“I really enjoy working with teens,” she said. “I’m glad that we can provide them with so many services.” Carter usually manages a caseload of 16 to 20 youth at one time. She meets with youth who are typically in their senior year of high school and provides the information they will need to be successful when they are on their own. “We take a look at their plans, whether they want to go to college or want to work, look at housing resources and material resources, and make sure they have the documents and identification they will need,” she said.

A challenge she faces is helping youth who are undocumented. This is a barrier to getting them linked with resources, but she does everything she can for them. “These are the situations that I find myself thinking about while I’m at home,” she said.

Carter feels as though youth with whom she’s worked are successful, when they’re in stable housing, employed or in school and are surrounded by positive people. She is also proud to be part of the YTS team. “We’re dedicated workers who care about these kids and want them to succeed,” she said.

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