LANSING, Mich, September 9, 2022:  Governor Whitmer has declared Sept. 9-18 Welcoming Week in Michigan and the Office of Global Michigan is encouraging all Michiganders to celebrate National Welcoming Week to highlight the importance of bringing together neighbors of all backgrounds to build solid connections and achieve collective prosperity.

“Newcomers are vital to our communities, bringing fresh perspectives and new ideas while contributing to the vibrant diversity we value,” said Poppy Hernandez, Office of Global Michigan director. “Michigan is a welcoming state and we can achieve greater prosperity by making people from all around the world feel welcome and valued, regardless of where they were born.”

During Welcoming Week, Global Michigan invites Michiganders to explore ways to cultivate communities #WhereWeBelong. By focusing on the places and spaces that foster belonging (ie. cities, workplaces, neighborhoods, etc.), “Where We Belong” aims to go deeper and spark individual reflection on how and why belonging occurs, and ways we can break barriers so that places can foster belonging for all, including immigrants and refugees right here in Michigan.

“Michiganders can play a part in working toward the inclusion of immigrants to create a culture and policy environment where all residents feel empowered to work with each other in strengthening the state’s social, civic and economic fabric,” Hernandez added.

According to the Michigan League for Public Policy, as of 2020, there were 686,647 immigrants living in Michigan and 46.6% of immigrants in Michigan arrived in the United States before 2000. Immigrants have contributed heavily economically, with $20.3 billion in spending power.

The site includes downloadable signs and other resources to celebrate the immigrant, refugee and international community.

About Welcoming Week

Since 2012, Welcoming Week has served as the annual campaign and celebration led by Welcoming America to showcase the growing movement of communities striving to be more welcoming places for all, including immigrants. By fostering mutual respect and cooperation between new and long-time residents, Welcoming Week brings together people across lines of difference toward greater prosperity for all. Learn more at