Fellow citizens, election day is just around the corner. The results of this election could change the world of retirement for working class people. Retirement with some guarantee of  some income may become non existent. For decades Social Security has been part of Working Joe’s/Jane’s light at the end of the working tunnel. Yet, Social Security’s  has been in the the crosshairs of  conservatives for some time niw. During the 2022 mid-term campaign we again hear conservatives cry out to end Social Security.  The party that controls both houses of congress will control Social Security’s fate. Do your parents depend on Social Security? Will you need Social Security when it’s your time to retire?  We as a nation need Social Security. On November 6th voters will decide if we want a country that is for “We the People” or for the select few. The representatives we elect to the US Senate and the House need to work for “US” not special interest.

Jose’ Luna

US Citizen &
A Social Security Recipient