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October 24, 2022: New Latinx advocacy organization endorses candidates who will fight for access to healthcare, reshape the justice system, protect voting rights and immigrant rights and fight for environmental justice

MICHIGAN – Today, MI Poder, a Latinx advocacy organization, announced their candidate and proposal endorsements for the 2022 election. Both English and Spanish versions of this release are included below.

“We are proud to announce MI Poder’s 2022 midterm election endorsements,” said Loida Tapia, state director of MI Poder. “After analyzing the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses, our board members from across Michigan voted for state and federal candidates who champion MI Poder’s core values.”

MI Poder is a 501c4 non-profit non-partisan social welfare and civic engagement organization serving the Latinx population in the state of Michigan. MI Poder is focused on empowering Latinx communities by educating and encouraging them to participate in the democratic process by electing representatives who reflect the community’s values.

“Our local elections are more important than ever. We must elect people who create and pass state policies that improve our lives,” Tapia continued. “These candidates will fight to increase access to healthcare, reshape the justice system, protect voting rights and immigrant rights and fight for environmental justice. MI Poder is proud to announce our first endorsements this election cycle.”

For Statewide Races, MI Poder Endorses the following candidates:

Re-Elect Governor Gretchen Whitmer

Re-Elect Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson

Re-Elect Attorney General Dana Nessel

Re-Elect Michigan Supreme Court Richard Bernstein

Elect Michigan Supreme Court Kyra Harris Bolden


For U.S. House races, MI Poder Endorses the following candidates:

Rep. District 3 Hillary Scholten

Rep. District 4 Joseph Alfonso

Rep. District 8 Dan Kildee

Rep. District 7 Elisa Slotkin


For Michigan State Senate Races, MI Poder Endorses the following candidates:

State Senate District 1 Erika Geiss

State Senate District 3 Stephanie Chang

State Senate District 4 Darrin Camilleri

State Senate District 6 Mary Cavanagh

State Senate District 7 Jeremy Moss

State Senate District 9 Padma Kuppa

State Senate District 13 Rosemary Bayer

State Senate District 14 Sue Shink

State Senate District 28 Sam Singh

State Senate District 30 David LaGrand

State Senate District 35 Kristen Rivet


For Michigan State House Races, MI Poder endorses the following candidates:

State House District 53 Brenda Carter

State House District 82 Kristian Grant

State House District 83 John Fitzgerald

State House District 84 Carol Glanville


The following ballot Initiatives will improve and protect the rights of Michiganders and MI Poder endorses these initiatives:

Proposal 2: Promote the Vote, A “yes” vote would add several changes to the Michigan Constitution, including allowing nine days of early voting, expanded access to absentee voting and continuing to allow registered voters who show up on Election Day without a state ID to vote after signing an affidavit attesting to their identity.

Proposal 3: Reproductive Freedom For All, Voting “yes” on Prop 3, will protect a woman’s right to decide. A proposal to amend the Michigan Constitution to establish a new individual right to reproductive freedom, including the right to make all decisions about pregnancy and abortion; allow the state to regulate abortion in some cases; and forbid prosecution of individuals exercising established right.