Letter To The Editor:

I am writing to share with your audience our traditional and cultural upcoming events at SS. Peter and Paul Church, 738  S. St. Clair, Toledo, Ohio.


Our Lady of Guadalupe Feast Day Celebration

December 12, 2022

5 a.m. Las Mañanitas (Mariachi Music)

6 a.m. Mass

(Followed by a traditional, continental breakfast.)

7 p.m. Mass (Liturgical music and indigenous dances.)


Las Posadas: A Commemoration of Mary and Joseph’s Search For An Inn

December 15 -23, 2022

7 p.m. (Music, songs, prayer followed by hot chocolate and pastries.)

December is a magical month and time of miracles beginning with the historical apparition of “La Virgencita” and Juan Diego and their repeated appeal and  denial by a Mexican  Bishop for a church construction on Tepeyac Hill.  With this in mind, please dress warm as our parish is undergoing an installment for a new furnace.

We have had a long but complete planning process that is temporarily being stalled. This is a silent reminder of Mary and Joseph, cold and seeking room at an Inn for the birth of our Savior.  I had the privilege of serving our Diocese particularly on committees with the late Bishop James Hoffman including his Bishop’s Council on Education. He was a people’s person, joining our feasts  and celebrations, a man not shy or afraid to march with the poor, migrants and immigrants.  Personally knowing him, I believe he would not allow his flock to be uncomfortable during winter as we are experiencing.

Thank you for the opportunity to express my views and write about our cultural events at a parish where all are welcomed. For information contact: Mary Torres (419) 241-5822


Felices fiestas!

Sylvia Muñiz-Mutchler