GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., Dec. 9, 2022: More than 1,500 students are still eligible to receive a quality Grand Rapids Community College education with costs covered by the Grand Rapids Promise Zone.

Students may be eligible to receive the Promise Zone scholarship even if they took time off after graduating high school, or are attending another college or university and are looking to earn more affordable credits as a guest student.

“Many people took a gap year or headed into the working world during the pandemic, and might not realize they are still eligible to attend GRCC through the Grand Rapids Promise Zone,” Promise Zone director Ashlee Mishler said.

“We are still here for them. And GRCC is offering classes in a variety of formats to help students plan around their work and home responsibilities. It’s a perfect opportunity to gain credits or in-demand skills to advance in their careers.”

The Promise Zone scholarship is available for students who live within the Grand Rapids Public Schools service area and graduate from one of the 25 public, public charter, or private high schools located within boundaries of the Grand Rapids Public Schools.

Started in 2020, the Grand Rapids Promise Zone is a “last-dollar” scholarship that covers up to 60 credit hours — 30 credit hours for those 50% eligible — including the costs of tuition, books, required course materials and any required fees associated with attending GRCC.

Eligible students have five years to access these funds from the time they graduate high school. Once enrolled, they must take at least six credits a semester, unless classes are taken during the summer semester. Students who opt to attend a different college or university can still use the Promise Zone scholarship as a GRCC guest student during the summer semesters.

About 500 students are attending GRCC this fall.

“There was so much uncertainty during the pandemic, and many people put their college education on hold,” Mishler said. “GRCC will work with them to get back on track, because having that degree or career certificate will help them in whatever they plan to do in the years to come. The Grand Rapids Promise Zone is a community investment in their future.”

Additional information is available at,, by email at and by phone at (616) 234-4321.