José Luna

Editorial By: José Luna 

Here we are in the post mid-term landscape and neither party scratched a firm grip on in the House or the Senate. Whereas in the Senate, the leadership has made the transition claim and collected in comparison to in the House of Representatives where “all the nuts have fallen out of the trees”.

Who knows what kind deals McCarthy cut to be crowned House Leader. Despite only having a slight majority in the House, ‘conservatives’ have come out swinging. At what, I’m not sure. During the election there were so many promises to legislate for the working Joes/Joans. I haven’t heard of any legislation to help working people, have you?

At a time when mass shootings are on the rise, the House ‘conservatives’ are wearing AR15 pins om their lapels and calling for their right to carry weapons in the halls of Congress.

House ‘conservatives’ did offer up a radical change in taxation. They want to do away with the income tax and replace it with a thirty percent sales tax. That means for every dollar spent add on thirty cents more, federally–if you spend one hundred dollars your sales tax would be thirty dollars. I want to see that bill when working families are buying school supplies in the fall.

Yes sir, the mid-term aftermath could be called a “wild west show” or maybe it should we called a packed clown car. Whatever you choose to call it, the next two years are going to be strange. So, stay tuned for the next series of bright ideas from McCarthy and his stooges. Oh Boy Here We Go Again!