By Larry Arreguin

TOLEDO, OH, March 29, 2023: Later this month the Greater Toledo Community Foundation (GTCF) will facilitate a conversation with Community Based Organizations, with the goal of encouraging them to apply for Equity & Access Initiative (EAI) funds.

Artisha Lawson, Program Officer for the GTCF has been at the helm since the EAI inception and will oversee another round of funding that will become available this year.

The community conversation will be held on April 27, 2023 at 6:30, at the Mott Branch Library (1010 Dorr Street). More information and reservations can be made at

“I may speak for 5-10 minutes, but my goal is to listen to as many groups as possible,” stated Ms. Lawson. With 4 focus areas of funding; Advocacy, Economic Development, Employment and Non-Profit Capacity, the opportunity to launch or enhance programs that diverse communities could benefit form is real. The application opens on May 2 and are due by July 2, 2023.

One of the past awardees was La Conexión, who was awarded $15,000 to help strengthen donor relations and board development. “The award was useful in helping to educate and inform the board and staff on roles and responsibilities,” stated Beatriz Maya, Executive Director. The organization is a 501c3, founded in 2013 to bring unity, voice, representation and advance the rights of the growing Latinx community. A few of the programs include Youth Enrichment, Integration and Social Justice. On October 7th, they will celebrate 10 years with a dinner.

With over $451,800 awarded since its inception, the GTCF is hopeful that ten years from now, a transparent process and collaboration energy will be the norm.