Israel Antonio Barrios was asked last week why he is seeking a political position for Lorain City Council. Antonio answered as follows:

“I am a good communicator and to be so you have to be a Good Listener. This Skill is essential to the work of Councilperson. In order to help the residents of the ward you have to know what their concerns are.

“I have talked to many, many residents as I walk the precincts in my campaign. The residents should be the main concern of a Councilperson. One of their concerns is the fact that representatives of Council think that they work for City Council but the truth is that they are supposed to work for the residents.

“Jobs are a main concern for residents but also for the progress of the City. With a lower number of residents working the less income goes to the City coffers and of course the safety as well as the progress can be hindered.

“I see progress in developing the Riverfront as well as the Lakefront. The City doesn’t need any more resources when we have a gold mine in the River & Lake. It is a matter of prioritizing efforts to focus on that development.”


Summary of Israel Antonio Barrios

Age: 76

Party: Democrat

Education: Associates Degree: Computer Maintenance & Networking. Associates Degree: Liberal Arts

Family: 2 Brothers, 2 Sisters, 1Daughter, 3 Grandchildren, 5 Great Grandchildren

Work History: Spitzer Auto sales, Lab Instructor at LCCC, Marketing Associate LCCC. Executive Director Art Gallery: Lorain Arts Council. Poll Worker Board of Elections.

EDITOR’S NOTE: La Prensa encourages citizens of Lorain to vote at the May 2, 2023 primary election.