More than 20 moving, roaring, life-sized prehistoric creatures are on their way to African Safari! Encounter T. rex, Triceratops, Stegosaurus and more in the Park’s Walk-Thru Safari; pose for photos in oversized dinosaur eggs and the jaws of a T. rex; and learn how these animals survived in their prehistoric world.

Step back in time and come face to face with more than 20 moving, roaring, life-sized prehistoric creatures throughout the Walk-Thru Safari! Encounter familiar favorites like the ferocious T. rex and mighty Triceratops alongside lesser-known but equally fascinating dinosaurs such as the massive Lufengosaurus and cunning Australovenator; pose for photos in larger-than-life eggs or the jaws of a T. rex; mine for real dinosaur fossils to take home (for an additional fee); discover how these animals hunted, survived and cared for their young in a prehistoric world; and learn how you can protect today’s wildlife from the threat of extinction. This summer only at African Safari Wildlife Park in Port Clinton, Ohio!

Dinosaur Takeover begins this June and runs through Labor Day weekend, and is included with general Park admission. Clip the coupon in this week’s issue of La Prensa for discounts on admission to the park!