Cuyahoga County Councilman Martin J. Sweeney and José Feliciano

CLEVELAND, July 14, 2023: The Centro Villa 25 Project is a reuse of a vacant building [H.J. Weber building, 3140 W. 25th Street] to include at least 22 micro retail spaces, commercial kitchen, business innovation center and office space for Latino and neighborhood-serving organizations.

According to co-organizer José Feliciano, ‘This project is part of the larger La Villa Hispana marketplace-initiative underway in the Clark-Fulton neighborhood, with the mission to become the cultural and economic center of Cleveland’s Latino community by focusing on arts and culture, community engagement, and economic development.’ Mr. Feliciano is president of the Hispanic Roundtable.   The project will provide jobs, growth, and economic livelihood to the City of Cleveland. The anticipated completion date is 2024.

Photos by Mychal Lilly