Sylvia Ann Reyna 64, former owner of Tex-Mex Tortilleria in Toledo, OH passed away peacefully at The University of Toledo Medical Center on Sunday July 2, 2023. Surrounded by her dear friends of many years Rosa and Carlos Rodriguez.

Sylvia was born April 24,1959, in Toledo, Ohio to the Late Guillermo (Billy) Reyna Sr and Maria Reyna. She was a 1978 Bowser High School Graduate. She was loved and respected in her community. She was a very kind and loving person who always tried to help others. She liked to dance, shoot pool, and play bingo.  Her favorite pastime however was going shopping, dinner and to the casino with her mother.

Sylvia’s family store (Tex – Mex Tortilleria) became a staple in Toledo’s Old South End Latino community and is where Sylvia worked since her Jr.  high school years. She dedicated her life to the family business; she was their rock. She always worked hard helping her parents, and her mother even more so after her father’s passing. She eventually took ownership of the business upon her mother’s retirement. She, too, as her father, loved Tejano music.

Sylvia and her family built many friendships through their business. Their corn tortillas were well known, beyond the local area. People would travel from other areas and cities just to experience their warm freshly made corn tortillas. Sylvia was very proud of that. Before ordering products online was the norm, Tex-Mex was the place to purchase low-rider style Chicano apparel, people in the community knew “Sylvia Reyna will have it”. Due to health reasons she eventually had to sell her family business, it was bittersweet, but Sylvia was proud of the pillar her and her family created within the Latino community.

Over the years Sylvia was a constant support in her community. She was a giver, with a big heart. She consistently donated to the catholic church, helped raise funds to help families bury their loved ones and also contributed to various organizations and events within the Latino community.  She will truly be missed, always remembered and in the hearts of those who loved her.

Sylvia is preceded in death by her parents Guillermo (Billy) Sr and Maria Reyna, Sister Cleo Reyna, Brother Guillermo (Billy) Reyna Jr, and Niece Reina Reyna-Torres daughter of the late Cleo Reyna and Danny Torres

Surviving Sylvia is her Uncle Roberto Reyna from Texas and other extended family in Texas and Mexico; Lifelong friends Patricia (Patty) Herrera, Susie Martinez, Rosa and Carlos Rodriguez, Manuela (Mamie) Mora, God Sister Margaret Martinez Ruiz and Balbina Martinez Ruiz who Sylvia loved like a sister.