On November 7, 1928, the State of Ohio recognized The Mexican Mutual Society, as a corporation in good standing [located at 1820 E. 28th Street, Lorain County, Ohio].

The Articles of Incorporation were filed by Raymond R. Orozco (President), Jesús Espinosa (Treasurer), and Luis Pérez Travera (Treasurer). Nemecio Nieto was listed as the Vice-President, as well as additional membership of over 30 individuals.

The stated purposes for the incorporation included: “to create a common fund for the purpose of aiding the members of this society in the case of illness, or their families in case of death, and to teach them how they may become more useful and better citizens of the United States.” Families from Mexico settled in the area in 1928 and desired to have a Mexican benefit society formed.

Ninety-five years later, in 2023, Lorain City Council passed legislation and Mayor Jack Bradley signed a Proclamation honoring the organization’s 95th year.

On Nov. 18, 2023, Mexican Mutual Society will celebrate its anniversary with an evening of festivities at Rosewood Place, 4493 Oberlin Avenue, Lorain. Joel Arredondo, is its president.

The organization keeps its Mexican heritage alive hosting annual events such as a Cinco de Mayo parade, Little Queen Pageant and Fiesta, Sept. 16 Independence Day Fiesta, the July Scholarship Steak Fry fundraiser, and periodic cultural programs conducted by Eileen Torres.

Northern Ohio has similar organizations such as: Organization Latins United, Inc. in Toledo [since 1961] and Comite Mexicano, Inc. in Cleveland [since 2020].