December 1 | Libbey Court


The Toledo Museum of Art hosts the opening of Sankofa Carnival, a temporary, digital art-focused experience showcasing the work of TMA’s inaugural Digital Artists in Residency program.

Sankofa Carnival features never-before-seen work created by TMA’s 2023 artists in residence Osinachi and Yusuf Lateef as four series of collectible digital art. More of an experience than an exhibition, the installation in Libbey Court will feature 5 digital works created by Osinachi, from Nigeria, and Yusuf Lateef, from Toledo, who partnered and mentored each other during their tenures as digital artists in residence at TMA.

The experience will be open to visitors from December 1 through December 31, 2023, and will culminate in the auction of Osinachi and Yusuf’s original 1 of 1 digital artworks through the Christie’s digital art sale taking place during Miami Art Week 2023.

Participants will be able to mint and store unique digital art collectibles from through a custom TMA digital wallet, supported on the Web3 platform Mojito. The rollout for TMA’s digital wallet includes clear instructions for wallet creation and artwork minting as part of TMA’s initiative to familiarize the Toledo community with digitally native artwork and associated technologies.

This contemporary focus on digital art is inspired by TMA’s desire to assume an innovative role in exhibition design and generative art spaces, bringing a focus to artistic works and practices that adopt the use of digital technology as part of the creative process.

This initiative is a manifestation of the museum’s historic commitment to providing education and access to the Toledo community; in the case of Sankofa Carnival, TMA is providing access to new and emerging art technologies and global artists who are developing innovative artistic practices.

The opening reception for Sankofa Carnival will take place on Friday December 1st, 2023, from 5-7pm in Libbey Court.