Op Ed by Progress Michigan

No matter who is in charge, the Michigan Republican Party isn’t shifting from MAGA-direction 

MICHIGAN, March 1, 2024: Last Tuesday, Kent County Circuit Judge J. Joseph Rossi ruled against Kristina Karamo in the preliminary injunction case filed by the anti-Karamo faction of the Michigan Republican Party. With this ruling, Karamo is now required to turn over control of the Party’s assets to Pete Hoekstra. In response, Sam Inglot, executive director of Progress Michigan issued the following statement.

“Even though the judge has ruled that Hoekstra is now officially in charge, there won’t be much change to the Michigan Republican Party, because members of the Republican Party have shown us that they have no problem with the MAGA agenda that is hell bent on taking away our freedoms and supporting a corrupt former President Trump. No matter who is at the helm of this MAGA-rotted ship, it’s still going in the same direction: following right behind Trump’s conspiracy theories, his hateful and divisive rhetoric, and his bent towards anti-democratic Christian nationalism.”

Earlier this month, the Detroit Free Press published an opinion piece authored by Sam Inglot regarding the Michigan Republican Party’s leadership:

“From the rank and file to up and down leadership, from the House to the Senate, elected Michigan Republican Party officials embrace lies about our election processes, attack our public schools, and demonize the LGBTQ+ community. Being unmoored from reality has come back to bite Republican leadership—the Party is broke—but with or without Karamo, the Party is not going back to your granddad’s GOP,” Inglot wrote in the piece.