COLUMBUS, April 11, 2024: State Rep. Michele Grim (D- Toledo) is proud to announce a second local healthcare provider, ProMedica, one of the largest in Toledo, has announced the abolishment of over $222M worth of medical debt for 108,737 area patients, in collaboration with local governments.

During her time as an at-large member of Toledo City Council, Rep. Grim led efforts to initially abolish medical debt for nearly 41K Lucas County residents, to a grand total of $240M in medical debt.

“The abolishment of medical debt takes away a burden that too many in our community are struggling with day after day. No one should have to decide between making a payment to a debt collector for life saving medical care they needed or putting a meal on the table for their family. Abolishing medical debt alleviates families of these decisions. I’m thrilled to see ProMedica join other hospitals and local governments to bring needed relief to patients,” said Rep. Grim.

The City of Toledo and Lucas County have agreed to contribute to this agreement with their own purchases of medical debt. The city will be purchasing back over $69M worth of debt, while the county will be buying back over $14M. Patients will be informed by letter in the coming months if their medical debt has been selected for abolishment.

Rep. Grim continues to also advocate for accessible, quality healthcare at the Statehouse. In September of 2023 she delivered sponsor testimony on House Bill 174, The Ohio Health Care Plan, in the House Insurance Committee.

The Ohio Health Care Plan would enact universal healthcare for all Ohioans, guaranteeing coverage. Medical debt is the number one reason Americans enter bankruptcyRep. Grim will continue the fight, on all fronts, for an Ohio where healthcare is accessible without burden.