David Arredondo

By David G. Arredondo

If President Joe Biden is excluded from the Ohio General Election ballot, it will be the fault of his campaign officials for scheduling their convention after the August 7, 2024 filing deadline. Next Tuesday, both the Ohio House and Senate will meet in a special session to extend the filing deadline.

In a unique action not taken since 20024, last Thursday Governor DeWine summoned the legislature to convene Tuesday, May 28 to pass legislation extending the August 7 filing deadline, as well as a bill to forbid foreign contributions for amendment issues.

Earlier this month in fact, the Ohio Senate passed such a bill, SB 114. This passed along party lines with all 7 Democrats voting against it. Why did the Democrats vote No? Did they NOT want Joe Biden on the ballot? Did they really want dark, foreign money to influence our amendment issues? I can understand that some Republican representatives may not want Biden on the ballot. Conversely, when thse bills are brought to the floor next week, every Democrat should vote YES to pass them.

Can it be that some Democrats don’t want Biden on the ballot? How many Sherrod Brown ads have you seen with Joe Biden or a mention of Bidenomics? Zero. Donald Trump won Ohio twice by 8%/ 800,000 votes in 2016 and 2020, and current polling in Ohio shows him ahead now with 10-12% which can result in a margin of 1-1.25 million votes. Of these voters, how many are likely to switch and vote for Brown? Or go down the ticket to vote for Marcy Kaptur, Emilia Sykes, Justices Michael Donnelly, and Melody Stewart? It’s possible that Donald Trump could win in a landslide and carry the entire Republican ticket.

However, without Joe Biden on the ballot, Sherrod Brown now becomes the top of the ticket. Unlike Biden, Brown could energize Democrat voters who would boost their entire ticket. In turn Trump voters could stay home since they know that their candidate has already won Ohio. Their absence could hinder Republicans from winning tight races.

We know that Governor DeWine, Secretary of State Frank LaRose, Senator J.D. Vance, and many other Republicans want the filing deadline extended and an end to foreign money in state issues elections. Where are Brown Ohio Representative Allison Russo, and other Democrat elected officials voicing similar support? And not a peep from Joe Biden either.

It is disturbing and puzzling that Republicans are leading the effort to help Joe Biden qualify for the Ohio ballot and Democrats are not.–