Ramón DeAnda

As a Latino, I pledge to vote and speak out united because, I believe it is important to speak out so that others feel confident to speak out also. If we don’t speak out no one will listen. We have an old attitude in our community that speaking up is crying. We have to change that. If we don’t speak out for our needs, then we will never move forward as a people. For far too long our people have been looked at as “Doing the jobs no one else wants.” It’s time to get passed that. It’s time to get our people the education to get the good paying jobs. If we don’t push our youth, then there will be no better future.

­­‑ Ramón DeAnda

I Pledge to Vote and Speak Out United!

Voter registration and pledging to vote in 2022 is officially on!! If you or someone you know between the ages of 17 ½ and 100+ years of age and want to register to vote this year, contact me right away at ramon1_98@yahoo.com. I will take your picture, get a quote, and put you in La Prensa. Your pledge to vote and “speak out united” will not only bring pride to your family, friends, and neighbors, but it will also give your family and the Latino/a community a united voice to make the improvements on the issues impacting nuestra comunidad. Voter registration deadline is October 11, 2022, for November 8, 2022 general election…so lets get United!