TOLEDO, Ohio, December 13, 2022: The Toledo Zoo is excited to announce that 43-year-old African elephant Renee is pregnant and due to give birth in spring 2024.

“We are thrilled about Renee’s pregnancy. Preserving the future of this species is critical to us, and we are committed to doing so,” said Michael Frushour, curator of mammals at the Toledo Zoo. “We’re looking forward to the new calf joining our elephant family, and we’re optimistic that everything will go well for Renee.”

This pregnancy is the result of a planned and sophisticated artificial insemination (AI) process. “It has taken months of coordination working with our partners in the field. It takes a special team of experts to perform an elephant AI, and we prioritized working with the best professionals within the United States and the world to make sure that happens,” Frushour said.

An elephant pregnancy lasts about 23 months, and a newborn weighs about 250-350 pounds. This is Renee’s third pregnancy through AI. At this point, the sex of the calf is unknown.

Renee receives regular prenatal health checkups from the Zoo’s veterinary staff. “Along with the expert, first-class attention and healthcare Renee already receives, our staff is also providing specialized prenatal care to safeguard the health of Renee and her calf throughout this long gestation period,” Frushour said.

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