The City’s Parks and Youth Services kicked off the second annual Let’s Get Moving; the award-winning community-wide walking program designed to promote health and wellness in Ottawa Park Shelter House on April 29, 2023.

The program runs for either 10 weeks or 20 optional walk weeks, providing ample time to achieve your fitness goals. We’ve partnered with various organizations and groups within the community, including the Area Office on Aging, the Toledo Lucas County Health Department, Zepf Center, and Mercy Health System, to bring this program to you with a focus on creating a sense of unity and camaraderie among participants.

Walks will be held every Thursday at 6:30 PM, covering a distance of between .66 and 3 miles. The goal of each walk is to take 6,000 steps or walk 3 miles. Each week it will become easier to achieve this goal, and participants are encouraged to walk at their own pace and distance. Every step counts! Register and track your progress here:

Celebrity and guest walkers will lead most scheduled ten-week and 20-week programs in one of our neighborhood City parks. Participants are welcome to walk at your own leisure or join a group based on the schedule.

By participating, you’ll not only experience the numerous health benefits of walking, such as improved muscle strength, flexibility, metabolism, and endurance but also create a sense of community with other participants.