I pledge to vote so I can show my daughter how important it is to use her voice as a Latina. Our voices are to be heard and valued.

Taylor Burciaga
Sofia Quintero Art and Cultural Center


Voter registration and pledging to vote in 2023 is officially on!!
If you or someone you know between the ages of 17 ½ and 100+ years of age and want to register to vote this year, contact me right away at ramon1_98@yahoo.com. I will take your picture, get a quote, and put you in La Prensa. Your pledge to vote and “speak out united” will not only bring pride to your family, friends, and neighbors, but it will also give your family and the Latino/a community a united voice to make the improvements on the issues impacting nuestra comunidad.
Lets get United! email ramon1_98@yahoo.com