Toledo, Ohio, June 6, 2024: Step into a world of vibrant colors, intricate designs, and rich cultural history with the “Bailes Exhibition: A Celebration of Traditional Folkloric Dance” in Toledo. This exhibition celebrates the profound influence of Latin American heritage. It is open for viewing from now until October 2024 at the José Martinez Memorial Art Galeria, located at 1222 Broadway Street, Toledo, Ohio 43609. Admission is free, and donations are encouraged & accepted to support cultural programs. Groups and day camps are welcome to visit. Please contact us to schedule a personal viewing and tour.

Exhibition Highlights:

  • Artistry of Traditional Dress

Discover the breathtaking artistry of Baile Folklorico. The exhibition features a stunning array of folkloric attire, showcasing the craftsmanship and cultural significance woven into each piece. From the elaborate embroidery of the Mexican dress of Veracruz to the vibrant skirts of Nicaragua’s traditional dress, the exhibit highlights the diversity and beauty of Latin American culture.

  • Historical Origins of Dance

Learn about the rich history and origins of various Latin American dances. The exhibition provides stories and traditions that have shaped these dances over centuries. Explore the evolution of movements, the influence of indigenous, African, and European elements, and the role these dances play in community celebrations and cultural identity.

  • Summer Camp Experience

Participants will experience the exhibit in an immersive experience where they will learn about Latin American culture through dance, art, and storytelling. Camp activities include hands-on workshops, interactive sessions, and creative arts projects. Please note, currently all camps are full.

  • Interactive Cultural Tours

The Interactive tours take participants through the exhibition and beyond. These tours offer an in-depth exploration of Latin America through art, cuisine, and agriculture. Options include summer and fall, half-day as well as a full-day experience providing hands-on opportunities that teach others about the Latin culture.

The “Bailes Exhibition: A Celebration of Traditional Folkloric Dance” is organized by the Sofia Quintero Arts and Cultural Center, a dedicated advocate for cultural diversity and community engagement in Toledo. This event is made possible through the support of the Toledo Arts Commission, Lucas County and other sponsors, community partners, and volunteers who share a passion for celebrating Latin American culture.

“We are thrilled to present the ‘Bailes Exhibition,’ a vibrant celebration of Latin American heritage in Toledo. This exhibition not only showcases the intricate beauty and history of folkloric dance but also brings our community together to honor and appreciate the rich cultural contributions of Latin America.” – Jessica Vallejo, Marketing and Community Outreach Coordinator

Join us for an enriching exploration of Latin American artistry and heritage as we celebrate the cultural influence in Toledo. For more information and to support this event, visit or contact

About Sofia Quintero Arts and Cultural Center

The Sofia Quintero Arts and Cultural Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting cultural diversity and fostering community engagement through various cultural and educational programs in Toledo, Ohio.