TOLEDO, Oct. 20, 2023: The City of Toledo has announced the receipt of a $25,000 Certified Local Government Grant from the Ohio History
Connection’s State Historic Preservation Office to develop a formal Style Guidelines document for the Old West End Historical District.  

Funding for grants to Certified Local Governments (CLG) comes from the U.S. Department of the Interior’s Historic Preservation Fund, administered by the National Park Service, which provides financial support to State Historic Preservation Offices.

Preserving Toledo’s Heritage
The Old West End Historic District (OWEHD), a significant component
of Toledo’s historic legacy, houses an extensive collection of late Victorian, Edwardian, and Arts & Crafts homes, making it one of the nation’s foremost historical districts.

The Old West End Historic District Commission (OWEHDC) plays a pivotal role in ensuring adherence to the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation, issuing Certificates of Appropriateness for environmental changes within the district.

Addressing the Need
Presently, the OWEHD lacks a comprehensive framework for applying federal and state preservation guidelines to the local context, leading to a reliance on precedent and case-by-case research for COA decisions. This process, while thorough, is time-consuming and poses challenges for both applicants and OWEHDC reviewers.

Recognizing these obstacles, the City seeks to establish clear and consistent guidelines to enhance efficiency and reduce costs for property owners, particularly given the economic landscape of the Old West End.

Project Overview
The project will be administered and coordinated by the Toledo-Lucas County Plan Commissions in collaboration with a qualified consultant, selected through competitive bidding and meeting all relevant federal professional qualification requirements.

The consultant will be tasked with drafting comprehensive Style Guidelines, soliciting public input, and revising the document in collaboration with the State Historic Preservation Office. The final guidelines will undergo submission to Toledo City Council for adoption and will be made available to the public as a valuable educational resource.

Grant Period:  July 1, 2023 – December 31, 2024

Key Dates
Fall 2024: Final document prepared for adoption by City Council.
Winter 2024: Project Completion

This initiative represents a significant step towards preserving the unique character of the Old West End Historic District and ensuring a more streamlined and accessible CoA review process for property owners.