Don Glaza drove a bus for the Toledo Area Regional Transit Authority (TARTA) nearly as long as there has been a TARTA, having spent the first of his 45 years behind the wheel in 1976.

Mr. Glaza retired from TARTA in April. This week, in recognition of his service to the people who depend on public transportation every day, he was one of four drivers honored with the Ohio Public Transit Association’s Milestone Award during their Ohio Needs Transit Conference in Columbus Oct. 4.

“I enjoyed driving the bus around the city and seeing over time how things changed from block-to-block,” said Glaza upon retiring in April. “We still run into people saying ‘hi’ on the street and my wife will say ‘do you know them?’ It’s just a privilege talking to people and getting to know them and also to work with some great, dedicated people.”

The Milestone Award is meant to recognize individuals or transit agencies in Ohio who achieve significant benchmarks. The Milestone Award recognizes individuals or transit agencies reaching significant milestones within the transit industry.

“We cannot thank Don enough for his role in getting people to jobs, medical appointments, classrooms and so many other essential destinations for decades,” said TARTA CEO Laura Koprowski. “There is no one more deserving of this recognition. We already miss Don’s great attitude, his skill set as a driver, and his drive to provide a safe and efficient trip for everyone on his bus.

“TARTA wishes Don the best in retirement, and thanks him for the great example he set for so many others dedicated to moving this region forward.”

TARTA provides a vital link in the Toledo metro area to jobs, education, health care and
other destinations. It enables everyone in our community to have access to transportation
regardless of their age, race, physical ability or economic background. TARTA is underway
with exploring and introducing new initiatives and service options that will enhance
convenience and customer experience while moving our region into the future of public